Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review: 50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know by Kay West

      50 Thing Every Young Lady Should Know is a book all about how to respond to or do certain things at certain times, such as how to say thank you when someone gives you a gift that you already have, or how to use a formal place setting. Each chapter starts with a page or two about what to do, then it has a section for certain circumstances and what to do, what not to do, and why to do that certain thing, or why not to do it.

       This is a great book to use as a quick resource if you needed to know how to do something, but its not like a novel that you could just sit down and read through. I did enjoy this book, because it has some very useful information.

Topics covered in 50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know include:
--Making conversation with adults
--Accepting a gift you don't like
--Dressing appropriately
--Winning and losing graciously Writing a thank-you note
This latest book in the GentleManners series was written especially for girls ages 8 to 14, to teach them the basic skills every young lady should have and every young lady's mother and grandmother want her to master.     

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: Gabby, Gods little Angel by Sheila Walsh

       Gabby, a guardian angel in training, has been sent to watch over Sophie, who is turning out to be quite a handful! When Sophie almost has an accident while riding her pony, her mom tells her about how God has His angels watching over her; Psalms 91:11 "He will put his angels in charge of you. They will watch over you wherever you go."

       Gabby, Gods little Angel, is a great book for little girls because it is all about how God has sent his angels to watch over us.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review: Izzy's Popstar Plan by Alex Marestaing

        Izzy's Popstar Plan was written by Alex Marestaing. This book starts out in Hollywood, about a week before Izzy gets to do a live audition for the the popular TV show "The International Popstar Challenge." 

        Izzy Baxter is a sixteen year old girl who has dreamed of becoming a Popstar ever since she was six years old, when she created her own Popstar Plan. 

        When Izzy auditions for "The International Popstar Challenge," it looks like her dreams are going to come true. Then, things change, and it looks like God has other plans.

        I enjoyed this book, because even when things get tough, Izzy is always sure that God has a plan for her life.

        You can learn more about Izzy and her Popstar Plan @

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blast Off

     Yesterday we all went and shot off our model rockets that we built for the second time since Christmas. We had a lot of fun. We each shot our rockets three times, and I could never catch mine no matter how close I thought I was! One time I ran to catch it, and I was only about 5 feet away from where it landed! We flew our rockets one other time, we came home for a repair job, then we went back out yesterday.

     My rocket is white and purple (purple is my favorite color). After we flew them the first time, when we were getting them all ready to fly again, we accidentally put a coat of satin clear paint on them, instead of glossy, so mine is going to look kind of flat until we get some glossy paint!