1945 Dress Design

      Imagine! It's 1945, the war is over. One benefit of that for women is: no more fabric rationing, dark colored clothes, or remaking old dresses! Skirts are still full and slightly padded, and dresses no longer have stiff, squared shoulders. Instead, sleeves are now more rounded and fluttery. The waistlines are very defined and at the natural waist. This is all part of the "New Look" in America. During the war, America was not as influenced by European style, so we developed some of our own fashions.

My 1945 Dress Design

      I drew this dress as my example of a 1940's dress for a dress design contest. It follows many of the style American style highlights of the late 40's. The top of the dress is modest, and gathered at the bottom. The waist is defined with a panel made of the same fabric as the dress, which then leads into the full, billowing, knee-length circle skirt style that was popular during the late 40's. Polka Dots were very popular in the early 1900's, but because of their precise arrangement on the fabric, and because it was more expensive to make, polka dot fabric wasn't made as much during the war. After the war, Polka Dots came back in style, and they were better than before. When fabric was needed for uniforms, more man-made fabric was used for clothing, especially fabric such as rayon or viscose. This type of fabric is great for this style dress, because of the satin like appearance and the beautiful drape this fabric has in full skirts. I imagine this dress to be red, with white 1/2" wide polka dots. Red fabric was used a lot for clothing in the 90's, because it was not expensive to make. What do you think? If you were living in the 40's and you no longer had to ration your fabric, would you wear or make this dress? 

     The top three entries for this contest will be posted on the Shabby Apple facebook page by July 25, 2013 to be voted on. If you like my design, and it is one of the top three please vote for me! The winner will be announced on the Shabby Apple blog and facebook page on August 5th. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. 

 Heather Miller


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